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Call for papers per prossimi convegni di ambito traduttivo:




4th International Conference on Translation and Interpreting Studies 

Future Perspectives in Translation and Interpreting Studies 


Innsbruck, 20th–22nd September 2021

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TRANSLATA IV is the fourth in a series of triennial conferences on Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Innsbruck. This conference series was established in 2011 and, from the outset, has always been one of the largest conferences on Translation and Interpreting Studies worldwide. TRANSLATA is a conference devoted to basic research in translatology with the principle aim of re-establishing translation proper (= professional translation and interpreting) as the core focus of Translation and Interpreting Studies. TRANSLATA IV is dedicated to its founding father Professor Emeritus Lew N. Zybatow, who celebrated his 70th birthday in 2021. 

The theme of TRANSLATA IV should reflect our interest in the rapid developments in the era of digitalisation that have changed the practice of translation for a number of years now. These changes also give rise to the question of how the field of Translation and Interpreting Studies can and should react to these developments. Under the main theme of “Future Perspectives in Translation and Intepreting Studies”, TRANSLATA IV provides those concerned with the theoretical, practical, didactical, and commercial aspects of translation with a forum to discuss current questions and problems in the field of translation and the training of translators and interpreters. Thus, fundamental topical questions in theoretical and applied studies of translation related to the following areas of research will be the main focus of this conference. 

·      Translation Studies and Linguistics (Heads of section: P. ten Hacken, L. Giacomini & R. Panocová) 

·      Translation Studies and Cognition (Head of section: A. Trklja) 

·      Translation Studies and Technology (Heads of section: P. Sandrini & A. Trklja & A.M. Mor) 

·      Translation Studies and Cultural Studies (Heads of section: W. Pöckl & A. Gipper) 

·      Translation Studies & Teaching (Heads of section: A. Schmidhofer & M.A. Recio Ariza) 

·      Translation Studies & the Economy (Heads of section: P. Sandrini & U. Wienen) 


Participants who would like to hold a presentation (20 mins+10 mins debate) are requested to submit an abstract (300 words max.) by the 18th of July 2021. Candidates should upload their abstract by using the link and also indicate their preferred area of expertise. Furthermore, participants are requested to state whether they would like to participate in person in Innsbruck or virtually. Abstracts will be evaluated by two experts. Candidates will be informed by the scientific committee about acceptance before the 15th of August 2021

We kindly request that candidates pay the conference fee only after acceptance of abstracts by the scientific committee (select only your payment method when registering). 




43rd Translating and the Computer Conference

 On the Web

in the week of 15 November 2021

2nd Call for proposals

The TC43 Organising Committee invites proposals for this year’s TC edition which following the tradition, will take the form of peer-reviewed presentations and posters and will feature panel discussions and workshops.

Conference topics

Contributions are invited on any topic related to technologies used in translation and interpreting, including, but not limited to computer assisted translation and interpreting tools, translation memory software, terminology management, machine translation and applications, customisation, training and tuning of MT engines, quality assessment and control, interoperability, subtitling, natural language processing for translation and interpreting as well as localisation, and translation workflow and management.

Other important topics are (both initial and ongoing) training, the impact of artificial intelligence on the rapidly changing translation and interpreting industry, multilingual corpora management, ergonomics and suitability of tools and resources for translators and interpreters, collaboration between translators and translation companies, and mobile technologies applied to translation and interpreting.

Virtual rather than On-site conference

Given that the Covid-19 situation is not likely to improve dramatically in the next weeks and months and to make everything as simple as possible for everyone, we have opted for a virtual free event in the week of 15 November 2021.


Proposals for original unpublished papers and posters are invited, as well as proposals for workshops and discussion panels. Papers and posters may report on research, commercial translation and interpretation products or user experiences. Proposals should be submitted via the START conference submission system at who cannot use START system, or prefer not to do so, have the option to submit their proposals directly by emailing Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.. For further information on submission types, Programme Committee membership, final paper formats and milestone dates refer to the Conference website at in the “For Speakers” menu.

The deadline for submitting papers, posters and workshop and panel proposals will be 30 June 2021. 


Further information and contact details
All relevant information including conference sponsors and keynote speakers will be published on the Conference website as soon as they are available.
For further information, please email <Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.>.