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La mente léxica. 

I Jornada internacional sobre procesamiento léxico-semántico
The Lexical Mind. I International Symposium on lexical-semantic processing

06-May-2022 - 06-May-2022 
Call Deadline: 15-Jan-2022

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La mente léxica. I Jornada Internacional sobre procesamiento léxico-semántico (The Lexical Mind. I International Symposium on lexical-semantic processing) is an initiative promoted by the Department of Spanish Language at the University of Salamanca and conceived as a meeting point for researchers and academics interested in the mental processes that underlie language and, specifically, at the lexical level in all its dimensions: both applied, such as language learning and acquisition, individual bilingualism, speech and language disorders, and more theoretical, such as models of linguistic processing, the construction of the mental lexicon, the organization of semantic memory, the activation of semantic networks for the production of language, etc. 

The symposium is structured around five plenary lectures by renowned specialists in the neurocognitive and psycholinguistic study of the lexicon and a poster session where all researchers interested in presenting papers on the lexicon, the mind and the brain from any scientific perspective are invited to participate. 
The Lexical Mind is part of the activities associated with the Laboratory of Experimental Linguistics of the University of Salamanca (LingUSAL) and is supported by the Department of Spanish Language, the School of Philology, the International Center of Spanish Language (CIE), the PhD Program in Spanish: Advanced Research in Language and Literature, and the research groups of DispoGram and LEIDE.

Call for Papers: 

- Proposals may be submitted in Spanish or English. 
- These will consist of an abstract of about 500 words. The abstract should include the objectives, methodology and main results of the research to be presented in the poster, together with 5 key words. A brief bibliography may also be attached. 
- Submissions should be made through the symposium website before January 15, 2022. 
- Acceptance of the proposal will be communicated by February 1, 2022. 

For the full call, visit: