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Zadar Linguistic Forum 2022 - Predicate: from polysemy to arguments 

06-Apr-2022 - 08-Apr-2022 
Zadar, Croatia 
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Call Deadline: 14-Jan-2022 


This conference aims at gathering researchers interested in the properties of predicates, in particular in issues regarding the polysemy and the argument structure of verbs. The idea is to bring together insights on the polysemy of verbs and on argument realization from different theoretical, empirical and applied perspectives. The conference will also host a workshop on arguments and adjuncts (see description below). 

For the general session we invite contributions discussing the following topics about the properties of predicates and argument structure: 


- verbal polysemy at the interfaces: regular patterns and their exceptions 
- arguments: relations between lexicon, syntax and semantics 
- verbs and arguments over time: stability and dynamics of argument structures 
- the syntax and semantics of clausal arguments 
- structure of complex predicates (e.g. causatives, secondary predication, serial verbs etc.) 
- interaction between aspect, Aktionsart and argument structure 
- bottom-up and top-down strategies in resources for studying predicates and related phenomena (e.g. corpora, tools, experimental data etc.). 


Other topics related to polysemy and argument structure of verbs are welcome as well.