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Speech Matters

Lake Como School of Advanced Studies, May 16-20, 2022


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11 marzo 2022




Si segnala, su richiesta degli organizzatori, una Spring School diretta da Ilaria Fiorentini (Università di Pavia), Andrea Sansò (Università dell’Insubria) e Miriam Voghera (Università di Salerno) intitola "Speech matters". Le attività si svolgeranno a Como a maggio 2022 e verteranno sulle seguenti tematiche:




The systematic study of spoken language has not, until recently, been associated with models that focus on describing ‘grammar’, which are generally based on the written language. The bulk of such models has not been particularly concerned with analyzing spoken data beyond noting, occasionally, that a specific pattern may have different instantiations in spoken language from what it has in ‘standard’ grammar.

This bias away from spoken language, however, reflects more the traditional understanding of what a grammarian ought to study than any intrinsic limitation of grammatical models with respect to their applicability to the study of spoken data and to larger stretches of discourse as the domain of analysis. As a result, the insights stemming from research on spoken language data in fields such as sociolinguistics, interactional linguistics and discourse analysis are not generally subsumed by models of human communication, although they have the potential to change our view of grammar, with crucial consequences also for speech technologies. The success of the latter, indeed, crucially depends on the creation of realistic training data appropriate to the task that is to be carried out, and on their appropriate modelling. […]




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