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October 13-15, 2022
University of Catania
School of Foreign Language and Literature
Santa Teresa Auditorium
Via Orfanotrofio - Ragusa, Italy

call for papers deadline: May 16th, 2022




With Covid-19 conditions improving after well over a year, the University of Catania, the Department of Humanities, the School of Foreign Language and Literature in Ragusa and the Language and Communication Across Modalities Lab (LaCAM) of the Institute of Cognitive Sciences and Technologies (ISTC) of the CNR are now in a position to proudly hold the second edition of the Workshop on Cognitive and Functional Approaches to Sign Language Linguistics.
Sign Café 2 will take place on October 13-15, 2022, at the University of Catania, in Ragusa.

This workshop has been set up by Adam Schembri of the University of Birmingham as a regular forum to discuss approaches toward sign language linguistics in the cognitive and functional linguistics tradition. These approaches frame language as a type of social action in relation to other cognitive systems. A wide range of theoretical approaches are included in this definition: they all have in common the importance they ascribe to the role of communication and cognition in linguistic theory and in descriptions of language structure.

Invited speakers will be:

§  Gabrielle Hodge (Australian National University, Australia)

§  Marie-Anne Sallandre and Brigitte Garcia (Université Paris 8, CNRS, France)

§  Erin Wilkinson (University of New Mexico, USA)

§  Virginia Volterra (ISTC, CNR, Italy)