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18th International Pragmatics Conference


Brussels, Belgium

from 9 to 14 July 2023


Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)


Call deadline: 1 November 2022




Special theme 2023



The conference is open to all pragmatics-related topics. But the following 'special theme' has been chosen: The shape of interaction: the pragmatics of (a)typicality


We only know the typical from the atypical, and vice versa. Pragmaticians have made a fundamental contribution to the language sciences by showing that interactants presume mutual knowledge of the typical to do atypical things, flout maxims, make other people laugh. They have demonstrated that we expect others to produce typical behaviour, that we orient to atypical interaction and set out to restore routine conduct. They have illustrated in addition that communication can misfire when people fail to share typical, often implicit, signs for signalling mutual comprehension and that, because (a)typical language use is interactive with social standards for communication, this is not without repercussions.

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Conference chair: Jürgen Jaspers (ULB)


Local Organizing Committee: Philippe De Brabanter (ULB), Liesbeth Degand (UCLouvain), Philippine Geelhand (ULB), Mikhail Kissine (ULB), Laurence Meurant (U Namur & FNRS) [More info]


The International Conference Committee includes, in addition to the LOC members: Charles Antaki (Loughborough), Valentina Bambini (Pavia), Diana Boxer (Gainsville, Florida), Winnie Cheng (Hong Kong), Anita Fetzer (Augsburg), Pilar Garces-Conejos Blitvich (Charlotte, North Carolina), Maartje De Meulder (Utrecht), Christiane Hohenstein (Winterthur), Michael Haugh (Brisbane), Sachiko Ide (Tokyo), Cornelia Ilie (Strömstad), Napoleon Katsos (Cambridge), Sophia Marmaridou (Atrhens), Rosina Marquez Reiter (London), Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen (Manchester), Melissa Moyer (Barcelona), Jemina Napier (Edinburgh), Neal Norrick (Saarbrücken), Ira Noveck (Paris), Tsuyoshi Ono (Edmonton), Anna Papafragou (Philadelphia), Nausicaa Pouscoulous (London), Mieke Vandenbroucke (Antwerp), Mieke Van Herreweghe (Ghent), Jef Verschueren (Antwerp), Tuija Virtanen (Turku)








Performing compliments in a variationist perspective

Panel Organizers: Marina Castagneto (University of Molise),; Chiara Meluzzi (University of Milan),


Discourse and disfluencies in cognitive and speech disorders

Contact Person: Ludivine Crible


The Pragmatics of Digital Disinformation

Contact Person: Zhuo Jing-Schmidt


Communicative practices in online dating

panel Organisers:Elisabeth Muth Andersen (Department of Language & Communication, University of Southern Denmark -

Will Gibson (UCL, Institute of Education. UK –

Riki Thompson (Writing Studies & Digital Rhetoric, University of Washington -


Membership categorisation and interpersonal relationships in social interaction

Panel organisers: Valeria Sinkeviciute & Andrea Rodriguez, The University of Queensland