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Teaching the intercultural in contexts of student mobility

June, 12th - 13th, 2014

University of Bologna, Italy It is generally acknowledged by individuals and institutions alike that student mobility in the context of higher education plays a significant role in terms of academic, cultural, intercultural, linguistic and professional development, as well as personal growth. However, research has also shown that contact alone is not sufficient to overcome stereotypes and develop intercultural skills. For this reason, a number of Higher Education institutions offer, as part of their teaching programme, courses dealing with the intercultural, both at a theoretical and practical level. The conference is organised as part of IEREST (Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and their Teachers), a three-year European project (2012-2015) coordinated by the University of Bologna. The conference is intended for researchers of intercultural education as well as other educational professionals interested in intercultural and student mobility issues, programme administrators, and teachers of intercultural education. It will be an opportunity to discuss aims, methods and outcomes of available courses, as well as innovative ideas to improve the preparation of mobile students from an intercultural point of view. The conference will also include a number of presentations of IEREST outcomes and work in progress, and the opportunity to experiment with some of the materials developed within the project.

Keynote speakers

  • Michael Byram, Emeritus Professor, University of Durham, UK (virtual presentation)
  • Celeste Kinginger, Pennsylvania State University, USA

Scientific Committee

  • Luisa Bavieri (University of Bologna)
  • Ana Beaven (University of Bologna)
  • Claudia Borghetti (University of Bologna)
  • Neva ebron (Primorska University)
  • Andrea Ceccherelli (University of Bologna)
  • Fred Dervin (University of Helsinki)
  • Irina Golubeva (AEDE-Hungary)
  • Prue Holmes (Durham University)
  • Rosa Pugliese (University of Bologna)
  • Mette Rudvin (University of Bologna)
  • Nicola Savvides (Durham University)
  • Jan Van Maele (University of Leuven)
  • Daniela Zorzi (University of Bologna)

Organizing Committee

  • Luisa Bavieri (University of Bologna)
  • Ana Beaven (university of Bologna)
  • Claudia Borghetti (University of Bologna)
  • Paola Cassone (University of Bologna)
  • Francesco Girotti (University of Bologna)
  • Lucia Livatino (University of Bologna)
  • Alessia Marchi (University of Bologna)