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Dear members of AILA, > >The Journal of Applied Linguistics (JAL) has published its first >on-line issue ( > >It is a Special Edition in honour of Professor Angeliki >Psaltou-Joycey, Prof. Emeritus of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics >at the School of English, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, >Greece, former president of GALA and Editor of JAL. The general theme >is ³Strategies in Language Learning and Teaching². > >We invite you to visit our website to have a look at the Table of >Contents and then review articles and items of interest. You can also >look at the Table of Contents of previous (printed) volumes of our >Journal. > >In order to have full-text access please use the following: Per avere accesso completo ai contenuti, dovete inserire le credenziali User: aila Password: g@l@$381