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The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers is a journal about teaching and  learning languages at home and abroad. It looks at the topic from a more creative, literary, and humanistic perspective than the more traditional academic publications. The Font is run by an independent, voluntary group of writers and readers, based in several countries, who also teach languages. It is not affiliated with any institution or organisation, and is unfunded and not for profit. The Font does not encourage or promote the use of any particular language teaching methodology or pedagogy. Rather, it is a place for teachers and learners to reflect on their experiences and observations while teaching and learning languages, or while living abroad as a teacher. It seeks to publish writing by language teachers, learners and translators in all countries, and in doing so become a venue for language teachers and learners from all walks of life, to come together and share. It also promotes the idea of creative writing as a form of Arts Based Research, and seeks to create a collection of works which arts based researchers can draw on.   What kind of writing? The Font publishes quality short stories, articles, essays, anecdotes, poems, interviews, cartoons and other forms of creative writing which provide insight, reflection, humour, and inspiration on the theme of teaching and learning languages at home and abroad.   Submitting Submissions are reviewed by our Editorial Committee. Please go to the Editorial Committee page for details. After review, submissions with the most literary merit, related to the theme of The Font, are selected for publication. The journal is published twice yearly in April (Vol. 1) and October (Vol. 2). The submission guidelines are here. We would be most grateful if you could mention to your members that submissions for the next issue close on September 15th. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, James Crocker Kobe Women’s University The Font – A Literary Journal for Language Teachers