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Inoltriamo la seguente informazione, trasmessaci da Dr Isabelle van der Bom, della Sheffield Hallam University (UK). I was wondering if you could circulate the below call for papers about the new Journal of Language and Discrimination. The journal is interdisciplinary and welcomes submissions from scholars in any field whose work focuses particularly on the role(s) language plays in discriminatory practices. Submissions is now open, and the first edition will be published next year. Please see the call for papers below. Call for Papers New Journal: Journal of Language and Discrimination (JLD) The new Journal of Language and Discrimination will be launched in 2017 with Equinox. Discrimination is an important research topic in a large number of diverse but related fields, including linguistics, law, anthropology, sociology and psychology. This complex, multidisciplinary research topic often has a strong focus and concern with language. The new Journal of Language and Discrimination aims to bring together a multidisciplinary synergy of approaches on discrimination as a complex linguistic and non-linguistic phenomenon. In bringing together different research strands that focus on discrimination, the journal hopes to serve as a catalyst for innovation and play a pivotal role in establishing interdisciplinary language and discrimination research worldwide. The editors of JLAD invite papers that reflect the diversity of possible approaches in relation to language and discrimination. The aim is to include work with a wide array of approaches that reflect the diversity and recent developments of research on language and discrimination. Topics may include but are not limited to: - Reflections on the research that has been done on discrimination in your field, and the direction in which research could or should develop - Discussions on broadening the field versus constraining academic subject areas - Consideration of definitions of discrimination, and the benefits and disadvantages of using this term for our research - Theoretical and methodological considerations in interdisciplinary research - Case studies from different fields that relate to language and discrimination - Qualitative analyses on language and discrimination Editors: Editor Sara Mills, Sheffield Hallam University ( Editor Isabelle van der Bom, Sheffield Hallam University ( Editor Laura Paterson, Lancaster University ( Submission procedure: Please see the website for all the details on how to publish in the Journal of Language and Discrimination and don't hesitate to contact one of the editors for more information on the Journal.